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♛ out of crocodile; BOOM. I’m not a CS shipper, nor am I anti-CS really, (to be angry or hate it would require me to care at all about CS and I genuinely do not. I literally feel nothing towards the ship it’s just…there. Meh. Indifference. Spikes no feelings from me at all.) but this made me laugh.

maybe he hide something but he must not to say with spoilers.


What do these posters have in common?

They show the symbols of True Love.

I think it’s HUGE that Rumbelle, out of all the couples on the show (including Snowing) gets the one thing that truly represents their love and all they’ve been through. Granted, Snowing doesn’t have that ONE item, but they could have combined a bow and arrow/sword.. We could have gotten Gold’s dagger and perhaps a bell (or a book, though that was used for Henry) to represent them as individuals, but no…..we got the chipped cup. 

Now we also have Swanfire necklace….which tells me that while CS  has happened and they are endgame, Emma’s TL is Neal and always will be.



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